Blogging for Beginners: What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is what many bloggers refer to when they are looking for topics to write about on their blogs. A keyword is what somebody might type into a search engine looking for a specific product to buy or are looking for information.

For example, if you were looking for information on the type of car you would type the make and model of the car you’re interested in into the search box of the search engine.

The search engine would then go out into the web and look for the top 10 websites that are most relevant to your search. The search engines must always retrieve the most relevant search to your inquiry.

For this reason effective keyword research is absolutely essential to the successful blogger. First of all you need to understand what people are actually typing in to the web browser. To understand what people are actually looking for you will need to use a keyword research tool.

Keyword research tools.

There are many keyword research tools available online. Some of these are free and others are paid software. Some of the free tools are very good and give you all the information that you will need to find relevant and popular keywords.

Paid research tools offer more information to the blogger including accurate data about the competition for a particular keyword. What is meant by competition is the amount of websites that include that same keyword in the title of the domain, page or within the content of the blog post.

The best keywords.

The trick is to find “Gold Nugget” keywords. These are keywords or phrases that have a high number of people looking for them and low competition.

For example, dog training is a very competitive niche online however, if you were able to find keywords or phrases related to that niche that were specific to a dog owner’s needs, for instance, “Best dog training leads”, you would be much more likely to have your blog rank well in the search engines. The

If you started a blog named Best dog training leads, and were able to rank well for that keyword phrase, then people looking for the best dog training leads would be sent to your blog as it is much more relevant to their specific needs.

When doing your keyword research keep in mind that search engines will always return the most relevant search to their customer, who is the person that typed in the initial search. Completing effective research is the cornerstone of any successful site or blog. It can be referred to as an art form that once you have practised for a while it becomes second nature.

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