How to Choose the Right Keywords for an SEO campaign 

These days everything is about SEO, or for those of you how are unfamiliar with the term, search engine optimization. SEO applies to websites, blogs, newsletters, articles and many other forms of internet content.

The trick to SEO is all in the keywords. You see a search engine sends out programs called spiders to read the content in your site and then indexes it accordingly. Choosing the right keywords is the most essential part of SEO.

However, most channels of the internet these days are saturated with competition, with other websites or newsletters that have similar content and ideas as you. So you now have to find a way around that, you now need to try and find keywords that are related to your content but aren’t used by other sites.

The idea is simple but how on earth do you go about trying to find keywords that have a high demand and a low supply?

The solution is simple and shall be explained shortly. First let me educate you on some internet basics. The internet comprises of millions of sites, and you find these sites through search engines more often than not.

Now since we want to optimize our site to be the best it can be we need to look at the search engine that dominates the internet the most. There is no surprise when I say that this search engine happens to be Google. The keywords that you will be researching and choosing will be chosen directly on what Google has to say about them.

Google offers a brilliant little keyword research and suggestion tool called Google Adwords and can be found at this address the brilliant thing about this tool is that it not only gives you the average amount of searches for your keyword every month but it also gives you alternate keywords which relate to the one you first used, as well as the average search volume for those words.

This tool gives you a brilliant way to discover new keyword ideas as well as branch out with your keywords. For example, if you type in the word ‘exercise’ the tool will give you the average searches for a month as well as alternate words. The word ‘exercise’ can then bring up an alternate word like ‘weightlifting’. You may not have thought of weightlifting before but the tool opened your eyes to this new word.

Now it’s one thing getting a keyword list and another researching those keywords. Once you have found a keyword that relates to your content you need to see how much competition there is for that keyword.

Since you are using Google Adwords it is natural to assume that you will use Google to research those keywords. Lets carry on with the exercise example, if you type exercise into Google you will get about twenty two million results, this is your supply of that keyword. In Google Adwords the amount of searches was one million, this is your demand. Now as you can see the word ‘exercise’ has a high demand and a high supply.

Although, due to the exceptionally high demand of the word this keyword seems to be exhausted, i.e. there is far too much competition. Now weightlifting on the other hand has a demand of about twenty thousand and a supply of only five hundred thousand. This is a much better keyword due to the low supply and relatively high demand.

Of course from this search you can type in the word ‘weightlifting’ in Google Adwords and get even more keyword ideas. This is so useful in trying to establish a niche in the market and making your site as search engine friendly as possible.

Use Google Adwords to your advantage because it really is a tool that should be learnt and familiarized because it can really give you the edge in the SEO game.

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