How to Select Keywords to Raise Your Website in Search Engines 

If you are the proud owner of a website you will want people to visit it, read your posts, subscribe, post comments, buy your affiliate products and click on your adsense ads. One thing that must be present on your site for this to happen is keywords.

A keyword basically is a word or group of words someone types into google in order to find out what they are looking for. Google will then illustrate the results which are most relevant to the keyword. It all sounds pretty simple but in actual fact there is a procedure to follow. In order to explain a little better about keywords I am going to use an example of a group of keywords I have researched involving blood pressure.

Firstly in order to help you to select keywords you will need to be familiar with the google adwords tool, which can be found here ect/KeywordToolExternal. This tool enables you to find related keywords for your website niche. It also tells you the average monthly search volume and advertiser competition. Now it is time to find a keyword related to my website niche on blood pressure, so say I decide to go with blood pressure.

From using the adwords tool I can see that this is a highly researched topic with over 500 000 searches being performed in January alone, as well as having a high degree of advertisers so it looks promising. Only one problem here and that is the fact that there are over 50 million direct competitors. I found this out by going to my google search box and entering in the phrase blood pressure in quotes.

There is no chance you will be on the first page or second of google by using this keyword, so it is time to look at the list of related keywords for blood pressure and see if any of them are suitable. There will be tens of keywords here and you should assess each individually until you come to one with a low amount of direct competition.

I scroll down the list and come to ideal blood pressure and notice it has a high degree of advertisers and a respectable number of searches at almost 2000 per month, roughly 7 a day. Back to google I go and check the number of direct competitors, which is just under 12 000. This is much better and more promising. In order to get on the first page of google here I have to aim higher than 11 990 people. With the right keyword density and back links I can surely do this. Of course for some keywords it is possible that there may be less than 1000 direct competitors; the less competitors the better. If you can secure the majority of a market for a keyword you are onto a winner.

Some other tips now you have the keyword are to use it on the title of all your related posts and to highlight it in bold or italic when mentioning it in your post. But remember the keyword should only be used 3-5 times every hundred words. If you have 5 posts based on this keyword in the right density your website will rank higher than a site which has only one post with the keywords sparsely distributed. Of course this is all dependent on back links. Any backlinks to your post should also contain the said keyword in the correct density and title.

Keyword selection is an extremely important part of uploading content to a website and if you want targeted traffic to your site it is an absolute must. By spending a little time researching keywords and adding backlinks you can be sure your site will feature on the first page of google.