The Power of Keyword Density

The Internet is hot with information on SEO and keyword density. Some people believe that more keywords are better and others believe too many keywords will be considered spam. The best solution to keyword density is the use of the keywords within a truly informative article.

Keyword density refers to the number of times a given keyword is used within an article, or on a page as a whole. Short tailed keywords are easy to control as they are made up of one or two words. The long tailed keywords present a bit of a struggle as the bot could read the long tail or the shorter version of the phrase (or both). For instance, if the long tailed keyword is “best resume writing service online”, the keyword density for resume writing could be higher than that of the keyword phrase if those words are used within the paragraphs as standalone words.

How Much Keyword Density is Too Much?

This is a very common question and one that has no definitive answer. The rule of thumb is to use the keyword or keyphrase as no more than 5% of the article. Keyword density tools will “read” the article and spit out a density percentage, but SEO article writers tend to follow a more hands on approach to SEO.

The keyphrase should be used in the first sentence of the article and again in a later sentence of that same paragraph. The phrase should then be repeated once per paragraph to complete the proper density. This method takes a paragraph length of 100 words for granted.

Some SEO gurus tend to like the flow of shorter paragraphs for their online publications. In the case of shorter paragraphs, the writer could repeat the keyword phrase once every other paragraph to maintain a high density without spamdexing the article.

Choosing the Right Keyword or Keyphrase

Another huge part of SEO is the choice of the right keyword phrase. Using keyword prediction and analysis tools online, many marketers and online businesses push articles with competitive words onto their websites. These articles will never get the traffic they are looking for because – they are competitive. Using similar keyword phrases with less competition will generate better traffic. This could mean using a misspelled version of the keyword or a long tailed keyphrase instead of a simple keyword like “beauty”.

SEO is an art and continues to change with every passing day and search engine algorithm change. Life as an Internet business or marketer often centers around the selection of the keyword and the creation of new content using that keyword. Maybe content is no longer the king as the keyword is just as important.

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