Website Speed Optimization

Google advertises load time as being one of their most important factors as far as user experience is concerned, and this is even more important when it comes to mobile device use. 

  • 53% of visitors abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • 1 second delay in load time can result in an 8% increase in bounce rate
  • 1 second delay in load time can result in a 7% decrease in conversions
  • 1 second delay in load time can result in a 2.1% decrease in cart size

If your website is super slow, we can guarantee we’ll half your speed for just $19.99. For $29.99, we’ll do our full service and try to achieve the highest score possible (1-3 seconds).

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Step 1

Give us your your website URL and the required access.

Step 2

Our team of coders will begin working on your website speed.

Step 3

We optimize your website and deliver a before and after report for you to use or deliver it to your own clients.

What platforms can you optimize?

We currently only work on WordPress websites.

What should I expect?

Within 4-7 business days, you can expect to see significant speed boosts to your website.

We’ll deliver a before and after report using industry tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom.

How do you do this?

  • We find issues slowing down your website and fix them. This includes minification, browser caching and resizing photos.
  • We can also optimize your database and upgrade your software version, these are usually the things that cause your website to load slower.

What kind of access do you need?

You’ll send us an invitation to edit your website, you’ll need to give us access to a few things, but we don’t need to access any essential parts of your system.

Packages & Pricing

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